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Kawakin Holdings Group, with its advanced comprehensive technological capabilities that provide safety and reliability, will continue to create new value that harmonizes with the high-quality “wealth” of urban and living environments.

Kawakin Holdings Group’s Philosophy

We provide high-grade technologies that resolve social issues and help create a safe, reliable, and pleasant way of life and social infrastructure.

Kawakin Holdings Group provides high-grade technologies in engineering fields for buildings, bridges, industrial machinery, energy, and other sectors and helps build a safe, reliable, and pleasant way of life and social infrastructure. We make effective use of our comprehensive strengths as a professional organization and our combined high-level technologies in casting, civil engineering, construction, industrial machinery, and seismic isolation and control that have been fostered in the characteristics of Japan's natural environment.

Kawakin Holdings Group’s Vision

Kawakin Holdings Group aims to become an engineering solutions group that provides high-grade products and services worldwide with its comprehensive technological capabilities and organizational strengths.

Kawakin Holdings Group identifies increasingly sophisticated market needs as well as technological issues for the future that are becoming increasingly diversified and complex. We make effective use of our comprehensive strengths as a professional organization and our integrated capabilities in development, technology, manufacturing, and marketing.

Kawakin Holdings Group's Core Value

Holding hands firmly, we can make a better future.
Together, we will grow and expand more.

We will help create a more reliable, safe and prosperous society by working together to repeat our manufacturing cycle.

About Kawakin Holdings Group's Core Value

Kawakin Holdings Group’s Management Policy

1. We improve the comprehensive capabilities and continue

growing by growing by maximizing talents and abilities of

all employees.
2. We satisfy customer needs with incessant efforts to

develop new technologies and realize “Tomorrow’s

Technology, Today.”
3. We ensure open and fair corporate activities in accordance

with corporate compliance policies.

Kawakin Holdings Group’s Quality Policy

1. We pursue higher quality to raise customers’ satisfaction.
2. We continue to develop, design, produce and supply

products which satisfy customers’ requirements.
3. We set quality goals, evaluate the results and continue

improving quality.

Kawakin Holdings’ Brandmark

The Brandmark's concept symbolizes Kawakin Holdings Group's orientation to provide leading-edge technologies for the future and to create a sustainable society, based on a broad perspective. It shows a design that represents the potential and perspectives of our “development capabilities to transform our age into material form” and “know-how to build trust and establish reliability.”